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Learning Environments

Our learning environments are designed to stimulate personal growth, health, the desire to learn and develop problem-solving skills.


  • Our open classroom encourages children to move in and out of different interest areas with multi-aged groups of children learning how to learn, how to exist in society, and how to be part of a group at each one's unique developmental level, with the opportunity to be both teacher and learner.

  • We offer naturally daylit and open spaces serving as a blank canvas enabling us to create and recreate the physical space to provide challenging projects for both children and staff, emphasizing human relations and creativity.

  • We provide daily dramatic play, blocks, art, music, and creative movement, story show, gardening, and cooking; which are the scaffolding upon which literacy, science, and math are built.

  • We encourage children to use the available resources to develop at his/her own pace and to make decisions in order to explore their preferences and freely interact with all of the children in the space.

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