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Our Approach to Education

We utilize Best Practices by fusing together philosophies to create the most individualized education for each child. Our teachers pull from philosophies such as Reggio Emelia, Montessori, and Waldorf to create our day-to-day child-led, play-based, and developmentally appropriate environment.



Support a multi-aged group of children with an emphasis on educating the whole child.

Address and challenge the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual domains of each child’s being with an atmosphere that stimulates personal growth and the desire to learn.

Acknowledge that all children develop at their own rate, that this development is ongoing, and that children bring with them a variety of learning styles and personality characteristics.

Respect these differences and guide children in achieving their own potential in becoming valuable members of the community.

Engage children in a developmentally appropriate practice that encourages creative and critical thinking.



Is built on play and hands-on experiences to challenge the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional domains of the growing child while offering children the opportunity to explore and discover their environment.


Allows for the assessment of young children during an on-going process; it includes identifying, collecting, describing, interpreting, and applying classroom-based evidence of early learning in order to make informed instructional decisions.

Helps them to develop their interests and express their feelings appropriately as they learn through an eclectic approach or “Best Practice”.


Offers a more personalized individualized ongoing curriculum for each and every child by utilizing records of children’s conversations, their drawings, constructions, as well as photographs, and anecdotal notes describing their behaviors.

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